The Shanghai Planning and Land Resource Administration Bureau visits Brigada and Bruketa&Žinić&Grey

The Shanghai Planning and Land Resource Administration Bureau visits Brigada and Bruketa&Žinić&Grey

The Chinese delegation from the Shanghai Planning and Land Resource Administration Bureau visited our agency on 2nd July in order to exchange experiences and find a partner in Croatia with innovative solutions for urbanisation.

The Chinese delegation was led by Mr Xu Yisong, Head of the Shanghai Planning and Land Resource Administration Bureau. Mr Damjan Geber and Mr Davor Bruketa introduced them to some of the successful projects of the agencies Brigada and Bruketa&Žinić&Grey, featuring the city of Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, of the Šibenik suburb Nikola, as well as the interactive multimedia exhibition called “Croatia je Hrvatska” (“Croatia is Hrvatska”).

The experts from China pointed out that Shanghai is actively promoting the development and construction of a smart city and is thus seeking advanced modern solutions and partners with experience in creating unique spatial experiences that contribute to the quality of life of the wider community and defining the identity of new urban environments with branding. They were particularly interested in the history and experiences connected to urban planning in the city of Zagreb, the requirements for the conservation of historical areas as well as the integration of green spaces into the urban tissue.

Our director, Mr Damjan Geber, spoke about the latest trends in Zagreb and key cities around the world, with particular emphasis on gentrification and urban branding processes. Nowadays, significant sociological changes and urban migration of the population occur due to traditional reasons, and he mentioned the example of Brooklyn in New York, which once was one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in the United States, whereas today it is one of the most expensive and most desirable places to live. He also pointed out the importance of keeping up with such changes by using social data instead of traditional analytical big data methods, and in real time because changes are no longer generational, but occur within a few years.

The Head of Planning and Land Resource Administration Bureau, Mr Xu Yisong, presented the Shanghai Master Development Plan by 2035, focusing on integrating as much green spaces as possible and developing the population’s urban culture. During this period, a growth of 9 million people is planned, which would bring to a total population of 34 million. There is a considerable interest by the Chinese delegation for cooperation with Brigada and Bruketa&Žinić&Grey in the area of creating urban culture and adding value to the community.

We are pleased that our guests from Shanghai have chosen our agency for their official visit because we both believe that creating a sense of belonging to the community in urban tissues is crucial for the development of urban areas. Their interest in Zagreb’s experiences and commend for our innovative, creative approach to spatial planning represent a great honour not only for Brigada, but also for our profession in general. I believe that through future cooperation we will seek to improve the quality of life in smaller communities of such a large city which would eventually become the stepping stone for creating a unique urban culture that is inextricably linked with tradition but also with the future through the Smart City approach, said Damjan Geber.


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