How we reduced radiation exposure in the office

How we reduced radiation exposure in the office

Written by: Petra Ladan

In more than 10 years of work experience, we have had the opportunity to design office spaces for a large number of companies across the region. We have dealt with various clients’ requests which made each project a learning experience.

For our latest office project with a telecommunications company, we were asked to place the additional testing equipment and the server cabinets inside a so-called Faraday cage, an enclosed space that is not penetrated by electromagnetic fields or radio waves (e.g. radio and GSM).



The client needs such a cage to test the equipment, in order to monitor the response of the equipment to their signals, without the interference of other external signals. Moreover, the client wanted to reduce the transmission of waves produced by the equipment inside the test room so that employees would not be further exposed to electromagnetic radiation (in addition to the radiation already produced by standard devices found inside the office space, such as computers, mobile phones, Wi-Fi range extenders, and the like).



In order to build a Faraday cage, all the partition walls in the room were built slab to slab, and both the dropped ceiling and the computer raised floor were removed. All the walls, the ceiling and the floor were covered with a 0.5 millimetre cold-rolled steel sheet, and a metal door was installed. In addition, a metal substructure with medium-strength transverse girders and electrically conductive caps was placed on the covered floor. Raised floor panel with factory-pressed electrically conductive PVC floor coverings were laid onto the substructure. The walls and ceiling were covered with plasterboard coverings and the whole space was painted white in order to keep it as bright as possible.



If your company would also like to set up the office space that promotes the well-being and health of the employees who spend time in it, we believe that, together with our associates, we are able to find the best solution for you as well!


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