Zavrtnica 17 New Look


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Zavrtnica’s new look

As the saying goes, first clean up your own yard. The Brigada crew had something like this in mind when deciding to go through with another crazy idea (the first being delivering Sljeme’s gondola lift to the agency). If we can put retail stores in order, we thought, then we can do the same for our own neighbourhood. So, we set out to make our own business centre, Zavrtnica, prettier.

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We started with our building and the one next door, but soon all the other buildings got new clothes. The interesting thing about this project is how we treated not only individual buildings, but the entire block, as a whole. The result of this is a sense of community with our neighbours. And even with all the wonders of modern technology, we decided the best way to go about this was with good old hand painting. First we measured the buildings, then we made technical plans, applied the typography, marked all key spots, took some brushes and then we started painting.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Srđana Alač (Designer)

External associates

Bruketa&Žinić OM / Branimir Sabljić (Designer, Photographer)