Zagreb Mattress Store


Concept design





Concept of choosing the right mattress

Choosing a mattress can be a confusing and exhausting process. What is the secret to a good mattress? Which one to choose? What are the biggest factors in the decision?  Considering that this is a place where we spend a large amount of our lives as well as intimate moments, the decision is important.

Our concept of the interior design for a mattress store is to help make the choice easier for customers as well as fun and intuitive. When trying out a mattress, it is essential to make the customer as comfortable and at home as possible and create an environment where they feel invited to lie down and stay in the position for a few moments. However, this proved to be a major challenge as research has shown that people are hesitant to do it in a public space. Considering these factors, we decided to use the ceiling as an element of surprise and curiosity in space – encouraging customers to lie down and look up at the hanging ceiling circles with brief yet fun texts, causing them to read what is written and stay just a little bit longer. This would switch the feeling from that of discomfort to that of being in the exact right place.

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The lights are positioned as to illuminate the space fully while avoiding directly shining into the customer’s eyes, while the choice of pastel colours is consistent with the brand and soothing tones of the bedrooms. The central part of the store is conceived as a zone for information about products with the help of interactive tablets and consultation with the sales advisors. At the same time, zoning of the shop makes it easy to independently explore the store and its offer, so that customers can immediately decide whether they want to try the mattresses or to browse bed frames and bedroom furniture and accessories.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Marina Brletić (Architect)

Zoja Ivanišević (Project Manager)