Vegeta 60 – A Little Package Full of History


Exhibition design





The design and evolution of Vegeta from 1959 to 2019

The exhibition, set in the Croatian Designers Association, based on the curator’s concept by Draženka Jalšić Ernečić, gives an overview of six decades of the graphic design and packaging design of one of the most famous Croatian brands – Podravka’s Vegeta. Sixty museum pieces of packaging are displayed according to the decades, from the 60s to the present day.

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In addition to the packaging itself, the exhibition contains a large amount of archival material, photographs, advertising videos and clips from The Little Secrets of the Great Masters of the Kitchen show. The story of the industrial heritage of Podravka and Vegeta is not just the story about the design of the packaging, the artistic solutions of the graphic design and redesign or the development and evolution of the brand. It’s an exhibition about the continued development of the brand over time and the people who have participated in its story.

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The exhibition display has placed an emphasis on the industrial and graphic design of the packaging – transparent plexiglass boxes have been placed on the walls – 60 of them representing each key packaging in the last 60 years. The boxes are organised into blocks according to the decades as a timeline so that visitors can easily follow the development of Vegeta’s packaging. Above the boxes in the upper part of the gallery is a frieze of black-and-white photographs showing the people and atmosphere from the production facility. On the screens, videos and clips from legendary commercials are displayed, and the window features an enlarged version of the original Vegeta box to attract passers-by and to announce the exhibition.

The entire exhibition has been further spiced up by a hanging installation in the middle of the gallery made up of paper vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, celery, onions, parsnips). The inspiration for the installation is the legendary scene that has featured constantly over the decades – the hand that sprinkles Vegeta as the last but crucial addition to a meal.

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Kristina Volf (Creative Director and Exhibition Designer)

Marija Lukić (Project Manager)

Sofia Grebenar (Architect)

Lucija Matić (Product Design Intern)



Davor Bruketa (Creative Director)

Maša Ivanov (Client Service Director)

Andrea Knapić / Nenad Gavrilović (Art Director)



External associates

Draženka Jalšić Ernečić (Exhibition Concept)

Marko Golub/HDD (Photographer)