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Smartson – Smartphone store concept

The Smartson downtown Zagreb shop is the largest specialized smartphone centre in the region, providing a complete service to existing and new smartphone users in one place. The street smart concept that was used as basics for the overall branding concept done by Brandoctor consultancy, influenced the manner of communicating between the sales staff and the customers, which takes place not only at typical sales and service desk points but also throughout the whole store area.

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By using natural materials, such as brick and wood, contrasted with high technology smartphones, monitors or laptops, a pleasant ambiance was created, making customers feel comfortable and welcome. Dominating the area is the broken down wooden ceiling, reflecting the floor surface and making this very high room a more pleasant one, all the while retaining its exceptional spaciousness. This central part houses mobile phone showcases with lights that cen be adjusted according to the brand of the devices currently on display. A unique feature of these showcases is the necessary additional  equipment zone for beginners, designed especially for this concept. Located next to the devices, it enables first-time or new smartphone buyers to select basic additional equipment, such as damage protection or additional memory.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Marina Brletić, Marija Šarušić (Architects)

Simon Morasi Piperčić (Designer)

External associates

Brandoctor (Branding and Visual Identity)

Domagoj Kunić (Photographer)