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Everyone at this IT office loves Monday

Sometimes it’s hard to get back to the grind after the weekend, but Monday brings no blues to the Zagreb office of the international software company SAS. Even the first glance will tell you it’s much more than just a place of serious data analysis.

SAS is a company that does business in 58 countries around the world and its office reflects the cosmopolitan spirit of employees, who come from all parts of Europe. This is why the creative concept in designing the Zagreb office was a synergy of differences, which, apart from employee profile, can be seen in the choice of colours, materials, and furniture design. Moreover, we connected the interior design with the visual identity of the company while keeping the special features of the location.

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The design of the offices and furniture maintained the serious corporate spirit, while materials such as wood, fabrics, and carpeting created a more relaxed atmosphere. A subtle introduction of colours made the space dynamic yet pleasant to work in. A good spatial organisation made it possible to organise gatherings and learning sessions for larger groups, as well as to ensure a more intimate working atmosphere when necessary.

Using the typical brand gradient on transparent foils created reflections within the space and expanded it visually. Reflective materials were wisely used, such as a lighted stainless-steel panel as an excellent coating for the reception counter, the post in the kitchenette, and the hanging panel in the brainstorming zone.

An elongated, airy library with a reading zone was designed as a small oasis for resting and taking phone calls.

The wall behind the reception invites you to explore the hidden part of the office space, whereas the delicate partition shelf both connects and separates the interesting lounge area from the atypical kitchenette. Its modular tables can be connected and separated, allowing for the dynamics of the space and multipurpose use.

An alternative working area with high green armchairs is ideal for brainstorming and more intimate conversations, whereas the lowered lighted panel adds to the feeling of privacy and creates an intimate atmosphere due to dynamic panel reflections. Wooden partitions with plants divide the office into smaller zones in order to enable work concentration in an open space.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Petra Ladan (Architecture Project Manager)

Mia Petričević (Architect)

Marija Lukić (Project Manager)

External associates

Marko Mihaljević (Photographer)

Hannah Vranko (Interior Stylist)