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Roto Dinamic Store as an Example of Experiential Design

Experiential Design or, as we call it in Croatian, the experience of space, includes aspects of creating a unique experience that conveys an emotion defined by the creative concept. In the digital age and the oversaturated market, a unique physical experience is what creates added value, whether it is a store, an office, a hotel or a restaurant.

This approach to interior design has been successfully applied in the decoration of the Roto retail store by the award-winning agency Brigada from Zagreb. The first step was to monitor the behaviour and the needs of users/customers and their preferences through behavioural analysis, and the results have shown that the sales space didn’t maximise its full potential and it didn’t provide customers with a reason to stay in the store. With the concept “celebration is a serious business”, all of the identified frictions factors of the old sales space were successfully “removed” or improved upon and the present space clearly accentuates all the strengths of this brand, as well as the offer and the service that up until now were either vaguely communicated or hidden. The space is clearly segmented into sections that offer a wide range of products needed for various types of celebrations, along with a pleasant and an easy way to do your shopping, the interior also offers a unique shopping experience and invites the customer to explore the space. 

Therefore, customers at the Roto store in Planinska 7 street now are able to create their own wish list of products they need by using the party planner calculator, to pick up their chilled drinks directly from the cooling chamber, to stock up on various other party essentials such as ice, spices, cocktail assortments, cups, fresh and frozen fruits and, after their party is over, they can return what they didn’t end up using.

There is also a specific section designed for all customers who wish to sip a cup of coffee, before or after shopping, or grab a beer from the Blade dispenser which you can also borrow for your celebrations. 

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In addition to the Party Planner section, the space also includes a Party Gondola shelf which is something completely new to the Roto concept. The gondola shelf with its content and design motivates customers to further exploring, and its specific position, appearance and content create already a party atmosphere. The gondola shelf contains exactly what we usually forget to buy: snacks, straws, cups.

The party gondola is followed by the wine section, divided into three categories offering white, red and rosé wines. Sections are further differentiated by a unique lighting design and furniture, and the use of different materials. The soft rubber floor gives you a feeling of comfort and is very easy to walk on, and the many colourful hangers indicate the attractive sections and the party atmosphere. A disco ball, selected music, and the ambient scent help customers to buy all they need for a perfect party.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Ivana Validžić (Project and Strategy Manager)

Jelena Babić (Architecture Project Manager)

Mia Petričević (Architect)

External associates

Domagoj Blažević (Photographer)

ZOO Agency (Graphic design)