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A Shop with Machines Designed with Style

The design of an interior is increasingly becoming the creation of an experience in a space and the telling of an authentic brand story. This is precisely how we have approached the design of the latest project in our portfolio – the “Pile i Vile” shop that sells and offers the servicing of machines for landscaping gardens, lawns and forests.

The first step, after a detailed analysis of the space and customer movement, was to open up the line of movement, “to liberate” the view towards the various categories of products and to bring nature into the interior. Due to the dimensions as well as the layout of the displayed products, the space was previously slightly confused, and the customer’s movement between the sales and service part was unclear. The main characteristics of the interior are now airiness, clear lines, bright colours and natural materials, typical of Scandinavian design, whilst the dominant verticals in the space are associated with the verticality of forests and trees.

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On entering the space, a clear distinction has been made between the sales and service space and the area for displaying and testing the products. The irregular grid of the wooden verticals, apart from emphasising the height of the interior and evoking a forest ambience, also serves as an element for the separation of the categories and the position for the product description, which contributes to the easier orientation and narrowing of the choice between the product categories. A separate area has been dedicated to the display of electric bicycles, a novelty in Pile i Vile’s offer, and they have been additionally highlighted with a custom display element in the shape of a mountain – the ideal terrain for fans of sports and adrenaline riding.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Zoja Ivanišević (Project Manager)

Kristina Volf (Design Lead)

Ena Tadej (Architect)

Ines Borovac (Product Design Intern)

External associate

Domagoj Blažević (Photographer)