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Gravitating towards a creative and natural working environment

Neos, the world-renowned and award-winning data analytics company that deals with advanced analytics, app development, and application of cloud solutions for large, global businesses has crowned its constant growth over the years with new 1,100 m² premises spread over two floors of an office building in Zagreb.

In order to create a functional working space and a pleasant working atmosphere, the creative team at Brigada started thinking about how the space would be used.

From the beginning, Neos expressed a strong desire for a common meeting place, because of the employees who, as consultants, work at other locations and occasionally come to the office, and because of the associates who attend various training programmes and workshops organised by the company. Clients and visitors also require a meeting space and an area for other common activities.

“The unique creative concept is based on the idea of gravity which symbolises the gathering of all employees in this office space, as well as the knowledge and of the technology through a humanised approach to work and life”, said Dominik Cergna from Brigada. The new offices are designed in such a way that moving through these common spaces strengthens and encourages the meeting of people and socialising while working, giving you a sense of really being a part of the company.

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A space that reflects the character of the company

In the interior architecture, these settings are described in such a way that certain rooms can take on several functions that serve permanent or temporary work, collaboration, and employee interaction. Two smaller meeting rooms can become one large lecture hall and a common space for socialising, whilst a large portion of the upper floor with its kitchen, dining area, games room, terrace, lounge area and a teaching area is intended exclusively for employees.

Representative zones on the upper floor, such as the reception desk, shelves displaying the companies’ prizes, and the specially dedicated, glazed and illuminated space that contains the Oracle engineered system, have the ability to communicate the image of the technological advancement and the high level of professionalism, knowledge and quality that define this company. There is also a spacious terrace surrounded by greenery with wooden decking and a unique view of the city.

A lot of greenery was used in the form of partitions between different zones, and the materials that appear in the space are pleasant and of high-quality, perfect for the stay, the efficient work and interaction of the employees. Likewise, custom-made lighting on both floors was created, as were the specially designed shelfing units, reception desk, round carpets, lockers for all employees, kitchen and desks.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Petra Ladan (Architectural Project Manager)

Dominik Cergna (Design Manager)

Ivana Validžić (Project Manager)

Vlatka Leskovar (Product Design)

Matija Špoljar (Product Design)

Maurenne Lecordier (Product Design)

External associates

Domagoj Blažević (Photographer)