Neos, the world-renowned and award-winning data analytics company that specialises in advanced analytics, app development, and the application of cloud solutions for large, global businesses, has celebrated its continuous growth with a new workspace spanning two floors of an office building in Zagreb.

 As part of their requirements, Neos expressed a strong desire for a communal meeting space. This is essential because some of their employees work as consultants at other locations and occasionally visit the office. Additionally, clients and visitors also require meeting facilities and areas for other communal activities.  

To meet this need, we developed a creative concept centred around the idea of gravity, symbolizing the gathering of all employees within this office space. The new offices are designed to encourage interaction and socialising among employees while they work, creating a sense of belonging to the company.  

Certain rooms have multiple functions, serving as permanent or temporary workspaces, collaboration areas, and hubs for employee interaction. For instance, two smaller meeting rooms can be combined to create a large lecture hall, whilst a substantial portion of the upper floor, featuring a kitchen, dining area, game room, terrace, lounge area, and teaching space, is exclusively for employees.  

Representative zones on the upper floor, such as the reception desk, displays showcasing the company's awards, and a specially dedicated, glazed, and illuminated space housing the Oracle engineered system, communicate the company's commitment to technological advancement, professionalism, knowledge, and quality. There is also a spacious terrace adorned with greenery, providing a unique view of the city. Greenery has also been incorporated abundantly into the office interior, serving as partitions between different zones.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Petra Ladan (Architectural Project Manager)

Dominik Cergna (Design Manager)

Ivana Validžić (Project Manager)

Vlatka Leskovar (Product Design)

Matija Špoljar (Product Design)

Maurenne Lecordier (Product Design)

External associates

Domagoj Blažević (Photographer)