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Office for a balanced life

The success of the project is reflected in a number of parameters, and one of the key ones is a good cooperation among the architect, the investor, and the contractors, which ultimately helps to create the feeling that the users of the space experience. The office of the company MEDILAB ONE, oriented towards innovative solutions in the treatment of chronic diseases, is such example of fulfilled needs and expectations of all parties involved. The company’s employees wanted a comfortable workspace which reflects the character of the company, their professionalism, as well as their care for patients. 

The functional organisation of the premises emerged from given parameters including the number of employees and the use of the office by all its users – MEDILAB ONE employees, external associates, as well as end users who come for training. The space planning enables an efficient use of the office, whereby each group of users has the same ability to feel the unity and the character of the company, although they may only stay in one part of it, for example in the meeting room or store. The employees enter deeper into the office where they have the possibility to have a fixed or alternative working position, while the heart of the office is composed of the kitchen, the dining area, the living room, and the library where employees can switch off from work when needed and recharge their energy.

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All materials were selected according to technical, aesthetic, and functional advantages, and great attention has been devoted to the experience of space through all senses. Various types of lighting enable the dynamics and the creation of different atmosphere, and by placing certain elements of furniture the play of light and shadow emerges, obtained by natural light that enters into the space. The texture of materials on all surfaces – flooring, walls and furniture, creates a tactile space. 



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Jelena Babić (Architectural Project Manager)

Zoja Ivanišević (Project Manager)

Sofia Grebenar (Architect)

Dina Bartolić (Product Designer)

External associates

Jure Živković (Photographer)