The success of a project is reflected in several parameters, with a key aspect being the effective collaboration among the architect, the investor, and the contractors. This synergy ultimately helps to create the feeling that the end users of the space experience.A prime example of harmonised needs and expectations among all stakeholders is found in the office of Medilab ONE, a company focused on innovative solutions for treating chronic diseases.

 The company owners and employees wanted a comfortable workspace that reflects the character of the company, their professionalism, as well as their care for patients.The functional layout of the premises emerged from specific parameters, including employee count and the multifaceted utilisation of the office space. It accommodates Medilab ONE's employees, external associates, and end users attending training sessions. The space planning enables efficient use, ensuring that each user group experiences the company's unity and character, even if they occupy only one part, such as the meeting room or store.

Employees move further into the office, where they have the option of selecting a fixed or alternative workstation. Meanwhile, the central core of the office comprises the kitchen, dining area, living room, and library - spaces where employees can disengage from work and recharge.   Materials were meticulously selected based on technical, aesthetic, and functional merits, and great attention was devoted to the experience of space through all senses.

The interplay of various lighting sources brings dynamics and diverse atmospheres to life, and the textured quality of materials, spanning floors, walls, and furniture, contributes to a tactile and inviting environment.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Jelena Babić (Architectural Project Manager)

Zoja Ivanišević (Project Manager)

Sofia Grebenar (Architect)

Dina Bartolić (Product Designer)

External associates

Jure Živković (Photographer)