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Building connection and gaining trust are the base in creating any kind of relationship, private or professional. Both often overlap, without clear boundaries as the connection deepens. To build a successful relationship, getting to know your business partner in person is essential. A personal approach and face-to-face meetings are major key points in maintaining a quality relationship. Showing appreciation for heritage is an additional, deeply appreciated detail.

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We focused on getting to know both the Zagreb and Turkish ways of creating and nurturing business relationships, resulting in a concept that encourages face-to-face banking and brings a human note to the cold, bureaucratic banking system. Banks become a place of business, a club that allows entrepreneurs and businesses to develop and keep track of their finances, private or professional, as well as to have assistance in raising their start-ups and learning new ideas. Joining finance with business allows KentBank to present itself as non-traditional in concept with formal or informal meeting rooms, and lounge areas occasionally dedicated to professional networking and meetups.

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Transferring a conceptual approach into space means creating zones for different client needs, as well as a stimulating workplace and engaging interior for the employees. Those that need just a quick transaction or information will enter at the ground floor and, without further exploration, have an experience with minimal personal interaction; Modern, innovative and quick banking of the future tailored to the fast-pace, frictionless way of life. Others, with scheduled meetings on the first floor, are welcomed with a personal approach and support. Client areas are graded from less to fully formal, all offering a stimulating and cozy environment. The second floor hosts innovative services and a flexible environment that can be used for either classic banking or various educational networking occasions; Transformable space, easily adaptive to various purposes.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director & Project Manager)

Zoja Ivanišević (Strategy Manager)

Petra Ladan (Architect)

Siniša Zaninović (Architectural Drafter)

Dominik Cergna (Product Designer)

Loïc Nadal (Product Designer)


External associates

Domagoj Blažević (Photography)

Basileus d.o.o. (Contractor)