In 2016, Infinum, one of Croatia's most successful software companies, expanded into a new office space perched above the city.

Given that a significant portion of the office was designed as an open workspace, it became essential to create more secluded areas where employees could conduct extended business meetings or calls without causing distractions.

To address this need, we introduced two phone booths strategically placed in zones that are often underutilized, such as hallways and corners. The so-called Chill Zone, conceived as a communal area for employees, is incredibly versatile and adaptable to various occasions. Here, employees can take a break, catch up on lectures and seminars, or even socialize. The presence of modular desks and a kitchen area with a bar table adds further flexibility, allowing these spaces to transform seamlessly into hubs for social interaction, entertainment, and larger gatherings.  

Our objective was to create a space that exudes a sense of power while ensuring the comfort of all employees. We achieved this by employing a simple yet effective design language that incorporates vibrant colours, sleek metal profiles, and a combination of dark and light wood shades. An integral component of the design is the thoughtfully crafted lighting scheme, including discreetly integrated LED lighting within furniture elements. This lighting concept contributes significantly to the desired feeling of speed, modern technology, and the superpowers of Infinum's talented programmers.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Ivana Validižić (Project Manager)

Ena Tadej (Architectural Project Manager)

Vlatka Leskovar (Head Designer)

Mia Štajer (Production Manager)

Petra Kolarec (Architect)

Ana Herceg, Casey Harmon, Marko Vukojičić (Designers)

External associates

Domagoj Blažević (Photographer)