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A place custom made for carpenters, traders, designers, and architects

Carpenters, traders, designers, and architects now have a showroom they’ve always desired. The design concept of Fagus, a new showroom for paints, varnishes, and decorative floor and wall coatings located in Velika Gorica near Zagreb, was based on an orderly and clear spatial logic of arranging samples in specific product categories. Since Fagus offers a wide array of decoration products as well as products for the protection of wood, flooring, and walls in numerous shades, tones, and finishes, the entire range of products has been displayed and used in the building and the story of the interior.

The showroom spreads across 150 m2 on the ground floor of a new building in Velika Gorica. The building adeptly blends manufacturing, logistics, and sales. The spacious interior boasts a high slanted ceiling and a cozy gallery with offices on the first floor, covering 240 m2.

The main design feature of the space is a striking long wall where most of the samples can be found. The samples are arranged by category and purpose; visitors can take them in their hands and get the feel of them, which makes it easier for customers to make decisions and encourages them to try and experiment with the products.

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The central zone area with a large extendable table allows for experimenting and exploring various combinations of materials and finishes, presentations by experts, looking through catalogues, and short meetings.

A circular spatial organization and the placement of products along the walls has created an open space with clearly defined zones. The central part accommodates lower tables and exhibition elements that do not disrupt the view of the entire architecture of the showroom.

The central installation hanging from the ceiling was inspired by a wood processing and painting technique. Cut and varnished wooden rods of different lengths have been arranged in a hanging grid, creating a central visual attraction. The façade window has been designed so that it can fit different kinds of treated materials into predefined metal frames and change its layout and look if necessary when new finishes are introduced.

Various materials used in the design (concrete, solid wood, veneer, MDF, glass, metal) have been treated with finishes sold by the company, so that customers can immediately see how specific finishes work on actual materials. The gallery offers a gathering and presentation area, which can also be used as alternative office space, and there you’ll also find the kitchen and the dining room. Regardless of different finishes used, the office space has been made uniform through the shape of specific elements, whereas the selection of colors and furniture has allowed for a more formal ambiance than the showroom, which suits the function of the space.

All of this makes this local company a great example of creating a superior working environment, products, and services for clients, partners, and employees.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Jelena Babić (Architectural Project Manager)

Dominik Cergna (Product Designer)

Ivana Validžić (Project Manager)

External associates

Marko Mihaljević (Photographer)

Architecture studio ARCH. PEROSSA d.o.o.

Graphic design: STUDIO SONDA d.o.o.