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An office space that thanks to its homely atmosphere brings out the best in employees

The digital agency ecx.io, which is part of the global IBM family, has opened a digital excellence center in Croatia with offices in Zagreb and now at a new location, in Varaždin.

With a new concept, we wanted to blend the office space that provides the conditions for efficient, highly professional work together with a homely atmosphere that provides employees with a right amount of relaxation and informality. The entrance area has a corporate feel with the IBM and ecx.io brand color scheme, and it includes the rooms for meetings and interviews with new employees. Behind the walls and the glass surface of the entrance area lays a common area for employees which shows a more informal atmosphere among the employees.

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Within the open space area there are small meeting rooms and phone boots that break up the work space into several different areas and that ensure employees are able to focus and concentrate properly. In addition to these closed spaces, inside the open space area there are also living rooms where employees can work at a more relaxed pace, socialize and exchange new ideas.

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Both offices have a separate meditation room for de-stressing, designed to allow employees to take a break from their daily responsibilities and to recharge. In the Zagreb office, this room is invisible at first glance since the walls and the door are covered with a wooden panel, while the interior is lined with sponge and carpeting in order to provide a sense of comfort, but also for additional sound insulation. In Varaždin, on the other hand, that room is bright with loads of greenery, equipped with exercise machines perfect for stress relief.

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Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Ivana Validžić (Project Manager)

Ena Tadej (Architect)

Dominik Cergna, Matija Špoljar,
Dina Bartolić (Product Design)

External associates

Domagoj Blažević (Photographer)