Biberon Cakes


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Design of experience of a sweet mediterranean moment

Biberon fine food restaurants are designed as a self-service free flow experience. Biberon Cakes is their separate pastry shop branch, and Brigada was hired for the design of their Importanne Gallery location in Zagreb. Considering that the Biberon kitchen is based on a fresh Mediterranean diet, we wanted to translate the feeling of Mediterranean relaxation into the space. We focused on the functionality and the details – colors, materials and textures – to provide intimacy for those dining in, and a pleasant experience for those ordering to go.

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The central brand surfaces are covered with ceramic tiles specific to the Mediterranean area, while genuine stone and rough plaster evoke the character of old houses by the sea. The clean, coastal atmosphere we created makes Biberon Cakes a perfect oasis for a short escape from the city rush. We designed almost every piece of furniture, from the tables to the benches and shelves, all being in the service of design experience in space. Tables and benches are inspired by organic shapes of the coast, and plants were added to additionally enrich the space with natural colors and scents. The result is, as in each of our projects, an atmosphere with its own specific story.



Vlatka Leskovar (Creative Director)

Mia Štajer (Project Manager)

Petra Ladan (Architect)




External associates

Relja Ivanić (Photographer)