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Catch the wave with Atlantic Experience stand

Atlantic Grupa is one of the most dynamic business systems in the region and does a significant part of its business in the EU. Atlantic’s employees, strategy, flexibility and strong brands are the basis for their successful development.

Our mission was to create a promotional stand with the main purpose of presenting the company and its values at different fairs and conferences. Since all of the events are of a different kind, the promotional stand had to meet certain requirements – it had to be modular, adaptable, reusable and easy to handle and transport and it had to reflect the unique Atlantic experience.

We designed a flat-pack modular stand system that consists of panels which can be arranged differently according to the available space.

Image module
Image module
Image module

Guided by the “catch the wave” theme, the visually appealing stand invites young people to join many of the opportunities provided by Atlantic Grupa. The wave form symbolizes steady growth, development, creativity and passion while, depending on the angle from which it is viewed, the panel forms a wave and the shape of the letter ‘A’. The letter ‘A’ doubly symbolizes the group name, and the letter itself forms the stable structure of the company. Despite the playful form, the stand leaves an impression of safety and stability for potential future employees.

The presentation panels offer a wide range of products and promotional materials and visual communication in space. The stand is a ‘flat pack’ format that makes it extremely easy to assemble, disassemble and transport.

The visual impression of the stand is dynamic, like a wave on the move, which is the main motif of Atlantic Grupa.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Ivana Validižić (Head of Strategy and Business Development)

Ana Herceg (Production Manager)

Dina Bartolić (Product Designer Intern)

Ena Tadej (Photographer)


Señor Agency (Branding & Graphic Design)