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Ano, a company providing risk management services, insurance brokerage and human resources consulting, opened in Zagreb their new office on three floors. Our main guiding principle in designing the office was to instill security and trust, just as Ano does for its clients, all in a fun and authentic way. We thus introduced in the space the universal lucky charms that guard against unfavorable circumstances, create safety and give the space authentic character and charm.

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As the office is located in the space of a former bank, we adjusted the spatial organization to new and completely different needs. The basement level, the space of the former safes, was once divided into smaller closed spaces without windows. We completely opened the space that now consists of common areas for socializing and meetings, while the artificial window makes the stay more comfortable.

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Due to the content and details, this has become a favorite space for employees, where ideas are exchanged, but also confidential meetings are held with clients. The upper floors consist of the workspaces enriched with lucky charms – bamboos, goldfish, positive notes – that make everyday work more relaxed and – why not – secure.

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Kristina Volf (Creative Director)

Marija Lukić (Project Manager)

Ena Tadej (Architect)

Neva Baričić (Architect)

Dina Bartolić (Product Design)

External associates

Alen Bregeš (Photographer)