Hello Sofia & Hannah

Hello Sofia & Hannah
Let’s welcome our new team members!

As of this year our team has been reinforced with two new international members. Since we can’t constantly be on the road (no matter how much we’d like to :), we’ve decided to bring in a breath of fresh air and new creative energy to our office. Meet Sofia and Hannah!

Sofia is an Argentinian architect of Croatian descent. She grew up in Patagonia, but she moved to Buenos Aires to study, where she obtained a degree in architecture. Before joining the team of architects at Brigada, Sofia worked for various architecture and design firms in Argentina and Split, Croatia. She has a particular interest in social and sustainable architecture and believes that we have a responsibility in this field to improve and act consciously on the reality that surrounds us.

Hannah is our new intern from the United States, where she studies Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio. She comes to Brigada with three previous internships located all across the US. She has a passion for experiential and retail design, but also enjoys focusing on the smaller products and elements in a space.


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