Brigada in the finals of World Architecture Festival in Amsterdam

Brigada in the finals of World Architecture Festival in Amsterdam

We represented Croatia with the most renowned local exhibition of 2017 alongside the best world interiors and architecture 

Award winners at the World Architecture Festival were announced on Friday, 30 November. ”Croatia is Croatia – We write history ourselves”, an exhibition that has won a host of awards and which we set up in the Zagreb tunnel of Grič last year, was the first Croatian representative in the finals of the most prestigious architecture festival, the World Architecture Festival (WAF-INSIDE), which took place in Amsterdam 28-30 November this year.

Architect Damjan Geber, creative director of Brigada, presented the project live before a jury and audience at the festival and answered numerous questions about the project.

What is special about the “Croatia is Croatia” exhibition is the fact that it was finished the day it closed. Visitors actively participated in the exhibition and were able to change it daily through minor interventions. In that manner, they were able to incorporate little bits and pieces of their personal histories and recall events, places, and people that brought back special memories, Geber explained.

The winner among a fierce competition of conceptual and art interior design was the JAC Studios, who were awarded the Grand Prix for best interior in the world in all categories at the final ceremony. Standing shoulder to shoulder with the best global interior and other prominent international competitors in other categories is an immense honor and act of recognition for us. Some of the more renowned global names in competition were BIG, Norman Foster, Zaha Hadid Architects, Neri&Hu, etc. The festival covered many interesting lectures on contemporary identity in architecture, with architectural super-stars such as Rem Koolhaas, David Adjaye, Aaron Betsky, and India Mahdavi as lecturers.

Our team brings this successful business year to a close in a victorious style. Apart from becoming finalists of the WAF-INSIDE festival, we have won 10 international awards for various projects, with the most significant one being the award of the International Interior Design Association.

On this occasion, our entire team travelled to Amsterdam for four days to participate in the festival and for team building.


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