Brigada and children designed together during Design Week

Brigada and children designed together during Design Week
Workshop Lay & Roll

At this year’s Design Week in Lauba, a furniture design workshop for children was held called “Lay &Roll”, led by a creative team from Brigada. At the workshop, children had the opportunity to expresstheir creativity.
There were roughly twenty participants at the age of three and older.The kids were faced with the use of unconventional materials, which in this case were surpluses leftover from almost every type of project, ranging from spatial design to furniture design. They first hadto become familiar with materials such as rubber, PVC and laminate, and then with the use of thosematerials the children built their own tables. Sample patterns were obtained thanks to ADDE-u andNovoj Formi.

How exactly the kids designed the table is explained by Ivana Validžić from the Brigade:”First, they merged the three panels we had previously designed and prepared for them. When thetables were put together, they painted them in acrylic paints or embellished them with stickers andremains of the materials to personalize them. They arranged tables in three different shapes:squared, circular and hexagonal. The results were truly diverse and unique tables that each childcould take home.”This is the first workshop of this kind where children were able to design their own piece of furniture.Tables were easily assembled from three panels in just three steps, and Ivana says that the tableswere strong enough to really be used.

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  1. Jadranka
    June 13, 2017, 12:42 pm

    Dragi brigadiri,

    da je barem češće ovakvih radionica!!
    Osim što ste nam omogučili vrijeme za druženje i kreativnost, još smo i doma ponijeli svoje stoliče te klinci i dalje najradije sjede na ‘svojim stolicama’ 🙂

    Molim vas da mi javite ako ćete uskoro imati nešto slično jer bismo vrlo rado ponovno sudjelovali.

    Lijep pozdrav.

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