Brigada hosted two new interns

Brigada hosted two new interns
Eddie and Emily flew in from the USA

Eddie and Emily are the new generation of students coming to Brigada from the far away Ohio.

Both of them heard about Brigada through friends from the University of Cincinnati  who already had an opportunity for an internship at the agency.

Eddie studies architecture and this is his third internship, but his first one outside of the USA. He chose Brigada because they combine knowledge from architecture, product design, marketing and retail and this gives him a whole new perspective on the profession. He says it is interesting to see people from different professions working together on projects that are not necessarily architectural. He already likes Croatia, especially štrukli.

Emily is a product design student and this is also her third internship, but her first time interning outside of the USA. Emily came to Brigada to learn how to create interiors for different brands and events. She says that coming here was combining two of her passions, love for design and travel. What’s interesting is that before her design studies she wanted to be a professional football player. She is hoping to meet new people, try new food and travel along the Croatian coast.


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  1. Anna
    May 18, 2017, 3:37 am

    Eddie is so cute!

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