Brigada at the LEAP Summit 2019

Brigada at the LEAP Summit 2019
Our Creative Director Damjan was one of the key speakers at the LEAP Summit 2019!


This year we participated at the LEAP Summit, a multidisciplinary conference that gathers more than 3,000 participants from all over the world, ranging from entrepreneurs and young professionals to successful leaders who are changing the world.

One of the key speakers at the summit, our Creative Director Damjan Geber, delivered the speech “Why we agree to pay more to live in a cool district”. Damjan addressed the omnipresent phenomenon of gentrification, which has the potential to entirely transform a neighbourhood’s perception in a very short period of time. A process that used to take decades can nowadays change infrastructural and sociological qualities of a district in a matter of months, thus turning neglected and undesirable neighbourhoods into favourable areas. These qualities resonate with the population of mostly upper class individuals, who place such district high on their list of priorities when buying real estate, in turn inflating the prices. Timely detection of areas in which gentrification or urban transformation is setting off can have a great effect on the profitability of real estate markets.

Along with designing the set stage for keynote speakers to present, we created a one-of-a-kind Brigada experience. With the theme of “Let’s get physical in a digital world”, we designed a multi-sensory stand for a unique experience of space. Once visitors stepped inside the booth, they found themselves immersed in our signature red tubes, isolated from the commotion of the conference outside. The central part of the booth consisted of juxtaposed mirrors creating an illusion of infinity and a perfect backdrop for a photo memory of the conference.


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