Smartson Mesnička


Retail design





The latest smart(son) store in town

Smartson is a retail brand specializing in mobile device sales and repairs and it offers in-shop post-sale services and routine repairs.

The latest store, located in Mesnička ulica 1 in the very center of Zagreb, represents a variety of prominent brands, so the space was designed as a neutral backdrop against which the products have been presented in different ways through three clearly defined zones.

The largest and the most attractive part of the space is the central zone of display tables, designed as simple white blocks putting a spotlight on the products. The closed part of the table hides the installations, while the perforated white sheet metal makes the tables less robust and adds a touch of elegance, complementing the marble floor.

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The second zone is comprised of wall cabinets and panels for exhibiting accessories. Products can be easily and quickly replaced on standard panels, whereas the wall cabinets made of wood and Smartson branded orange elements enable a clear overview of the offer and add warmth to the space. LED lighting allows for quality presentation of the products.

The third zone is an exchange and service area. Next to a branded wall with an oversized shop logo is the sales counter, designed as an extension of the wall cabinets, creating a logical connection between the zones. It stands next to an L-shaped counter with two work areas for quick in-shop repairs.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Petra Ladan (Architecture Project Manager)

Mia Petričević (Architect)

Marija Lukić (Project Manager)


Marko Mihaljević (Photographer)