Meet the people who will create your successful spaces!

Creating successful spaces is challenging, so we need the best architects, product designers, retail experts, project managers and unique creatives to make our project come to life. Meet us!

Damjan Geber

CEO & Creative Director

A pioneer of functional retail design in Southeast Europe, Damjan creates stores for major regional and international clients. He relentlessly explores new ways of creating successful offices, stores and event interiors while strengthening Brigada’s team with the best experts and creatives. Damjan created Brigada as a training ground for interior designers, since the local schools don’t offer education in this particular field. He’s a sharp dresser and passionate cook who likes visiting the Americas every year to gather inspiration.

Ivana Validžić

Head of Strategy & Business Development

Ivana explores customer behavior in retail spaces to find the best ways a store can sell more and become a great brand touchpoint. Ivana’s retail insights are the basis for creative concepts of successful spaces. She studied marketing and is now focused on the field of neuromarketing. Ivana likes to get inspired by travelling and she adores almost everything about Latin American culture – the music, the dance, the language, and the fun-loving people.

Marina Brletić

Architect & Head of Special Projects

Marina is our leading creative with vast design experience ranging from global brand stores to Red Dot winning exhibitions. She likes taking imperfections found at construction sites and integrating them into the final design. Different world views are her main inspiration, so she devours a few novels per week.

Dominik Cergna

Head of Design

While studying in Padua, Italy, Dominik had the chance to collaborate with noted Italian companies and manufacturers. He is a proponent of fully customized product design, so he even designed some of the furniture in his own apartment. Dominik likes biking and translates his passion for traditional Mediterranean way of life into a brand of olive oil, made from handpicked olives from his family’s olive orchard in Central Istria.

Ena Tadej

Architect & Project Manager

Ena enjoys all the stages of project development, from drawing board to construction site, but her favorite part is thinking up a creative concept for a successful space. Her main inspiration is music, from Bowie to Queens of the Stone Age and Mozart’s Requiem. She’s a jazz-dancer who also enjoys silence of the deep sea while diving.

Zoja Ivanišević

Project Manager

Zoja is a cultural manager and art historian who loves business just as much as she does the creative process. After completing her graduate degree at Bocconi University, Zoja gained professional experience and project management skills while working at prominent Italian art institutions and companies in Venice, Milan, and Rome. Even though she appreciates Swiss precision at work, she is a passionate proponent of the Mediterranean lifestyle in her private life.

Jelena Babić

Architect & Project Manager

Jelena came to Brigada after working as an architect in Barcelona and Šibenik. She searches for links between art and architecture, using those links as an inspiration for creating living spaces, corporate interiors and designs for conventions and events. She loves theatre and hopes she’ll one day do a stage design for a major production.

Petra Ladan


Petra’s favorite part of project development is choosing the right materials and textures. She likes to explore unusual and remote places, where she finds interesting details, materials, and textures which are later used as inspiration for her work. A fan of F. L. Wright, Petra explores new ways of connecting architecture with nature.

Marija Lukić

Account manager

Marija has accounting backgrounds in both agencies and retail. Besides crunching numbers, she manages project schedules and production. Outside of the office, she is an adrenaline junkie who enjoys playing all kinds of sports, as well as traveling, cooking and watching movies.

Matija Špoljar

Product Designer

Matija is a product designer with experience in retail, interior, and UI design. His favorite thing about design is the fact that it enables him to enter different worlds and tell different stories through form and function. Besides his love for design, he has a deep passion for cars and driving and would love to own an oldtimer for relaxed weekend drives outside the city.

Mia Petričević


Mia earned her degree in architecture after studying at the University of Sarajevo. She is dedicated, persistent, and always seeking to learn new things and develop her creativity. Mia’s biggest inspiration, which pushes her to work towards the “architectural magic”, are emotions that customers feel when they enter a room which she helped create. To Mia, architecture is an integral part of human lives and she is extremely passionate about it. She is a film and theatre enthusiast also.

Dina Bartolić

Product Designer

Dina came to Brigada as an intern, while finishing her master’s degree in industrial design. Travelling, taking photos, observing different cultures and people’s reactions, gives her a new perspective. In design, she appreciates multifunctionality and likes to research new materials and technologies. A good organisation is the recipe for an extremely productive day, which she likes to spend in nature, while cooking, baking or sewing.

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